Zomba, Malawi
Bishop Chaima confirms 3 students and readmits 2 back into the Church at UNIMA

There was ululation and jubilation at the University of Malawi (UNIMA) today when three students were being confirmed and two returned to sacramental life.

Bishop of Zomba Diocese, Rt. Rev. Alfred Mateyu Chaima, administered the Sacrament of confirmation on three students and said special prayers for readmitting two students back into the Catholic Church after fulfilling readmission conditions in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Bishop Chaima reminded the students that the Catholic Church is a Sacramental Church and that is why he went to the University to confirm and welcome some students back to the Catholic Church.


The Bishop then challenged the students to express their Catholicism openly and proudly, without being ashamed or intimidated by anything.  He also encouraged them to serve God with their different gifts that God gave them besides doing their studies at the University.

“The identity that will make you a Catholic is when you begin to receive Sacraments, “continued Bishop Chaima.


The three students seated received the Sacrament of Confirmation while the two standing were readmitted back into the Catholic Church

He also commissioned all Catholic students at the University to start participating in Holy Masses in the nearest parishes to inspire the youths in those parishes to work had at school as role models.

He also encouraged them to pull up fellow Catholic students who are weak in faith so that they can be strong and live a sacramental life.


The Bishop of Zomba Diocese also commended the Diocesan Chaplains for the University of Malawi, Fr. Credo Kaunda and Fr. Montfort Chileka for the good job they are doing in promoting a spiritual life among Catholic students at the campus.


Currently, the University of Malawi, formerly Chancellor College or Chanco, has over two thousand Catholic students that are pursuing different academic programmes.