Zomba, Malawi
Zomba Diocese ordains two priests

The Catholic Diocese of Zomba, on 23/09/23, conducted triple celebrations at which it welcomed two new priests, celebrated Priestly Silver Jubilee and launched a Diocese-level Golden Jubilee for Small Christian Communities in the AMECEA region.

On this day, two deacons namely, Hermes Malata and Joseph Makawa were ordained to become priests, while Rt. Rev. Alfred Chaima and Fr. Callistus Nakhwala celebrated their Priestly Silver Jubilee. At the same function, there was also a Diocese-level launch of Small Christian Communities (Miphakati) Golden Jubilee in the AMECEA region.


From right: Frs. Makawa, Malata and Nakhwala

Speaking at Zomba Cathedral after presiding over the celebrations, Bishop Chaima advised the newly ordained priests to be ready to serve people of God with zeal.

The Local Ordinary emphasised that God is sending these priests to proclaim the Gospel to His people irrespective of religion.

“Go and preach the word of God to the downtrodden, prisoners and the poor who are oppressed in different ways”, continued Bishop Chaima.  


The Bishop also called upon the faithful to continue supporting their priests in different ways, saying that whatever the Christians eat, the priests also eat the same.

He also appealed for collaboration among all stakeholders in the Diocese to ensure that the affairs of the Diocese are taken to greater heights in terms of pastoral and social development. 


Some of the Christians who attended the ceremony

Meanwhile, the new priests have been assigned as follows; Fr. Malata will be serving at Namitembo parish while Fr. Makawa will be discharging his pastoral duties at Chipini parish.

At the function, Bishop Chaima and Fr. Calistus Nakhwala also celebrated 25 years in priesthood (Silver Jubilee). On the Priestly Silver Jubilee, the Local Ordinary said that Fr. Nakhwala and he, have all the reasons to thank God for His mercy.

At the same event, the Diocese also launched a Diocese-level Golden Jubilee for Small Christian Communities (Miphakati) in the AMECEA region.


Zomba Diocese joint choir in action

The Chairperson of the Laity Council in Zomba Diocese, Mr. Edward Kalemba, congratulated the new priests as well as Bishop Chaima and Fr. Nakhwala for accepting the call of the Lord.

On the participation of men in Small Christian Community meetings, the Laity Council chairperson encouraged men to start attending SCC meetings in their large numbers other than leaving such meetings to women only.

Statistically, Zomba Diocese has 1, 041 Small Christian Communities (SCC).  The Deanery with the highest number is Namatope, which has 265 Small Christian Communities and the parish with the highest number of SCC is Magomero which has 114.